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The 2017 Beeswax Spa Products Debut… they completely sold out!

The 2017 Beeswax Spa Products Debut… they completely sold out!

In 2017, I told y’all about some inspiring young entrepreneurs who created a honey business from our hives at Hutchison School. These incredible girls were able to grow their business in some creative ways. In 2018, the girls launched a line of beeswax spa products, like lip balm and body butter. They experimented with recipes and came up with their own marketing and sales plans. The spa products were a hit, and the demand far exceeded their expectations.

The initial cohort of bee business girls graduated last year, but there is a new group of girl bosses taking charge. This year, they wanted to put beeswax to a greener use, so they decided to create plastic-free kitchen packaging.

They started out by researching all of the problems with single-use plastics. They were shocked and saddened by the information they uncovered about plastics in the ocean, but it motivated them to get to work. The girls melted beeswax and pine resin together, and they used paint brushes to lightly coat a piece of cotton fabric.


I got to test out the beeswax food wrap at home, and I loved being able to cover bowls of leftovers with a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap.

beeswax wraps

These young entrepreneurs are still perfecting their recipe and methods, but they are going to launch their product at Beeline Bazaar at Hutchison School on March 2nd. If you’re in the area, come on by and support these young women and their green bee business!

Happy growing,

Mary Riddle