Growing Young Entrepreneurs

The school where I work has a fantastic new program called Hutchison Invests. The program trains young women in social entrepreneurship, providing valuable services like business incubation, mentoring, and internship matching. Hutchison Invests is directed by an incredibly talented colleague of mine, Kim Ware. 

Kim reached out to me several weeks ago wanting to collaborate on a project for her young entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneurship and eco-friendly gardening seem to go hand-in-hand. We put our brains together and decided that we'd ask the girls to come up with a marketing plan to sell some of the honey that I was pulling off of the hives at the school farm. The girls took to the project like, well, bees to honey, and their results astounded us. 

These young women researched federal, state, and county health requirements to ensure that we were in compliance with all regulations. They designed a honey label that met those standards. They designed their own packaging. They researched honey pricing and helped determine what our break-even point would be. Then, they filtered, bottled, and labeled an initial prototype batch of about fourteen pounds of Hutchison-made honey, and took it to the Buzz Shop, our on-campus gift store.

The girls had already prepared a pitch to share with Bess, the Buzz Shop manager. Two of the girls prepared slides with consumer benefits, along with a proposed price (and class commission for their stellar marketing work!) Bess agreed to carry the honey, and they sold out in THREE HOURS. 

The girls are finishing up their exams this week before they leave for the summer, but they are already making plans about expanding their honey line this coming fall, and potentially adding other hive products like beeswax candles and lip balms.

It's a joy to work with such impressive young women and innovative colleagues.  We're going to be restocking our honey soon, so if you're in the Memphis area, make plans to come to the Buzz Shop this summer to try some of this honey for yourself. There can't be a more delicious way to support the work of young entrepreneurs. 


Learn How to Grow Your Own

I wanted to let y'all know about some upcoming horticulture classes that I'll be teaching in Memphis, Tennessee. The classes are for children and adults, and they're brought to you by the Hutchison Center for Excellence. The class descriptions are below.  

  • Creating a Family Garden, for families

Learn the basics of planning a garden for the whole family to plant, nurture, and watch grow! The Starter Session will cover the basics of planning your garden, soil preparation, what to plant when, and basic composting. The Intermediate Session will cover more advanced topics, including ongoing plant care for better harvests, organic pest control, and composting. 

Date/Time: Starter Session: Tuesday, June 6; 8:30-11:30 am, Intermediate Session: Thursday, June 11; 8:30-11:30 am

Cost: $30 per person per class

  • Beekeeping, for girls and boys entering grades 1-8 and their families

Discover the basic components of a hive and how to maintain your own bee colony. 

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 7; 8:30-11:30 am

Cost: $30 per person

  • Homegrown Start-Up: Garden Product Projects, for girls entering grades 4-8

Learn business basics by creating spa products and craft food items from the Hutchison Garden, designing a stand, and marketing them through an original marketing plan. 

Date/Time: Monday-Friday, July 10-14; 1:00-3:30 pm

Cost: $135

I hope to see you and your families at one of these classes! 

Happy growing, 

Mary Riddle